Friday, March 15, 2013

Princess Cinthynella

I did this quickie as a Christmas gift for one of my favorite nieces.

The Three little Pigs

Character design for  an interactive environment done a while ago in my Illustration 3 Class. 
Done in vector.

Here is how it actually looks as the intro to the final piece.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Illustration done for  Children's Book Class. The name of the poem is Listen! and the author is Lilian Moore. I had a lot of fun with this piece.

Here's the Poem:

Listen!  Listen to the Witch.  Grinch, grinch, grunch, chip-chop-crunch, grickle, grackle, grooble, grooble, munch, munch, munch.  Whatever in the world is she having for lunch?

Here's one of my favorite pieces I did during the winter break. This little guy's name is Mr. Owl and it is on display at school as part of the Children's Book Club window case. :)

B is for BarBear!!!

This double spread assignment was done for one of my favorite classes at the Academy: 
Children's Book Class.  (I love Bears)

Book Cover Art for Jack and The Beanstalk

Assignment done for my Fantasy Illustration Class. Done on Adobe Illustrator (I'm kind of a vector guy). For this assignment I decided to go for a cut paper look.