Friday, January 15, 2010

Very old and classic!!!

Here is some of my charcoal work I did from my Analysis of Form class a couple of semesters ago. They're the classic drapery and still life study plus a portrait. I couldn't find the picture of my still life... well you get the point.

Grace Cathedral

An old quick study of the inside of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Aztec Warrior

Some atmospheric perspective here... I don't think the value range it's great. I had some trouble managing the graphite pencil.

Starry Night with Dog

Hey finally I have some time to start my blog... I've been so busy between school and work that I had my blog in the closet for a while but now it's the time to take it out.

Here is an old illustration I did for one of my classes. The goal was to create an illustration based in one done by a famous artist plus the addition of his pet. I chose Vincent's Starry Night and as you can see his pet in this illustration was a Doberman (I'm not sure if that's true) looking up at the sky. I did this one in Corel Painter... oh yeah the handsome fellow is my dog "Duke." He still in Mexico but I always remember him.